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Our goal
Increase access to healthy surplus foods for distribution to those in need.
The Challenge

Food insecurity continues to rise and Rolling Harvest Food Rescue models a Supply Chain solution.

Our goal is to increase access to donated fresh produce and other healthy foods to hunger-relief sites that serve the at-risk, food-insecure population by providing local farmers and food producers with free, effective delivery and distribution of their surplus.
We have seen the increase of people coming to local hunger relief and food distribution sites and predict the numbers will continue to escalate through the year as the closure of businesses have left people without work and an income.

RHFR serves all of Bucks and parts of Montgomery County, PA and reaching across the Delaware River into Mercer and Hunterdon Counties in NJ. Over these past six months, as fellow hunger-relief organizations are also struggling with increased demand as a result of the pandemic, RHFR has been able to quickly scale up, creating emergency food distributions and leveraging our proven relationships to get healthy, nutritious food into the charitable food system immediately for all those in need.

Our Solution

Activate food rescue to respond to the increase need for hunger relief in our communities.

Founded in 2010, RHFR is the only farm-based gleaning organization in Bucks County. Working with over 40 local farm partners to rescue and distribute over 2.5 million pounds of healthy, locally grown produce to 60 hunger relief sites throughout the Bucks County Region.
Our dedicated team of 200 volunteers give their time and energy to assist with farm gleaning, pickup and delivery of produce, diverting surplus food that would be wasted and become landfill to feeding those in need.

Changing our model and adapting to the immediate needs of the community through this pandemic, RHFR organized ten emergency food distributions in Trenton, NJ serving thousands of families. Having the flexibility to respond quickly has proven that partnerships and collaboration is the key. We see that our work is helping to improve the health & well-being of at-risk families and remain passionate advocates for food justice and food equality, food recovery and good environmental stewardship.

Healthy food is always a struggle under the very best of circumstances, and now has been exacerbated beyond belief. The uncertainty of hunger and not knowing how to cook a healthy meal can be frustrating for a struggling family. Our Nutrition Education and Culinary Outreach Team works together with the hunger-relief sites to create and share healthy recipes on how to prepare the vegetables from local farmers, and helps recipients learn to cook and enjoy a variety of locally grown foods.

Your Impact

Our goal is to increase access to donated foods to area hunger-relief sites in our communities.

RHFR represents the last line of defense for a family, or anyone, struggling for fresh food – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many are hardworking, underemployed and in many cases unemployed or temporarily furloughed, disabled or struggling with homelessness. RHFR remains committed to the food-insecure population and to the farm partners who put their trust in us to get the healthiest food from their fields into the hands of the families who need it the most

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