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Our goal
Provide a safe, nurturing community to live in with street lights, training and sport materials!
The Challenge

Chinamuthur, a Village in India lacks street lighting and a nurturing educational environment

Chinamuthur Village in India does not have street lights which makes it very difficult for the residents to travel or go out in the night time especially for emergency health care. The village is also in a big need for training classes for students and sports materials for the playground.

Our Solution

Donating money for street lights, training classes, sports supplies can help Village in a big way

Street lights are a big necessity and can help the residents there feel safe, secure environment and most importantly help in night time commute and transportation easier. Training classes and sports materials help in providing a nurturing environment and can aid in strengthening their educational system. Ekam works for a community empowerment model, with accountability and self-sustaining training of people in the community.

Your Impact

By donating money, you can help with basic community needs in Chinamuthur, India

Your donation is going to go a long way by providing Chinamuthur families with street lights which not only provide a safe and secure environment, but also can make transportation easier which is especially important during emergencies. Your donation money will also be used for training classes as well as for providing sports materials for playgrounds

$2,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 45%-Training Class Materials

  • 18%-Hiring workers

  • 10%-Installing sport materials

  • 10%-Street light installation

  • 8%-Purchasing sports materials

  • 9%-Purchasing street lights

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