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Age in Place through the COVID-19 Pandemic



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Our goal
Pivoting to provide services before predicted "Fall 2020 surge" of COVID-19 Pandemic.
The Challenge

Safely Aging in Place during COVID-19 Pandemic

Mount Carmel Guild's home health nursing is a valuable resource for aging in place. Our accredited program provides free, quality, long term, home based nursing care for the medically needy and economically disadvantaged over 60 years in age living in Mercer County, NJ. Aging in place with proper support has proven
to be a safe, healthy, and economic choice, allowing seniors to keep their independence, maintain familiarity and comfort, and remain close to family and friends.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased insecurity and added new concerns for the older population. Home health care services manage the chronic needs of patients to help avoid hospitalization, assisted living or nursing homes. Aging in place can help insulate the elderly from the bacterial and viral risks.

Our Solution

Expanded Home Care for Older Adults

According to AARP, 90% of seniors wish to remain in their home as long as possible. Nurses increase assistance with managing diabetes, hypertension, dementia, cardiopulmonary diseases, other geriatric ailments and safety. Biweekly visits from registered nurses include comprehensive assessment, professional nursing services, nutritional services, accident and fall prevention, information, and referral services. More frequent visits occur, especially for patients taking blood thinner medications.

Home visits ensure that patients are following their medical team's directives, which sometimes can be confusing, contradictory or compromised by miscommunication, misunderstanding, poor memory and cognitive ability. Our nurses know when a patients’ health is being jeopardized by actions such as skipping/mistaking medications or not testing glucose levels. They coordinate changes with the doctor’s office and resolve any issues with medication.

Key performance indicators include the percentage of patients remaining at home at year end and improved well-being. Nurses track the number and types of services administered, reports of elder abuse, and referrals. Eighty percent of patients remain in their home at the end of the year. When patients are hospitalized, 90% return for services after their Medicare benefits for rehabilitation are depleted.

Your Impact

Continue to be a valuable resource to seniors

Patients age in place with grace and dignity and remain safely in their homes an average of three years with our program. Our nurses bring the essential human elements of compassion and companionship. Many patients are living alone and in isolation and benefit from a nurse focused on their well-being. Strong, trusted bonds develop between the nurse and each patient. Ongoing assessments connect patients with additional social services.

$15,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 87%-Salaries for RNs

  • 13%-Accreditation & Insurance

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