ARCHIVE Global: Architecture for Health

ARCHIVE Global: Architecture for Health


ARCHIVE Global: Architecture for Health In Vulnerable Environments believes that health should not be negatively impacted by the state of housing. Operating in the spaces of development, health, and architecture, we prioritize housing design as a key strategy in combating disease around the world. Forbes recently named our work one of the 8 Best Sustainability Ideas on the Planet.

ARCHIVE is unique in its approach and focus; using housing design as a key component to improving health worldwide. We believe that national and international development strategies must take into account the role of housing in addressing health risks in the most vulnerable communities. In order for these strategies to be successful and accessible, they must reside within a diverse context of behavioral change and increased access to health facilities.

We have projects in the U.S., West Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, the UK, Bangladesh. We also have pipeline projects in Bolivia, Gabon, and India currently. 

To achieve our mission we use a threefold approach:


Our research focuses on how the built environment contributes to disease both in the developing and developed world.


Building community awareness is a fundamental pillar in all of our projects. Also, health and housing is a global issue, and we want to get everyone involved. Join the discussion on our social media and ARCHIVE hub. We’ll have updates from the field, our research, and global news.


At ARCHIVE Global, we believe in the need to test, design and build practical housing improvements which combat the challenges of poor health. We do not believe in generic housing answers.


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