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Bring Clean Water, Sanitation, Shelters, Cameroon, Phase C2



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Our goal
To provide access to safe water, sanitation and better shelter for a remote community in Cameroon.
The Challenge

To provide access to hygienic water in a sustainable way.

Our scope of action in Cameroon is to support two different ethnic groups; the Pygmies and the Mbororo. Both are facing discrimination and rejection due to their cultural and social difference.

Our Solution

Improve the level of public health for the village.

Warka Sanitation is designed to use simple, sustainable materials indigenous to the region—earth, palm leaves and wood—and constructed adopting local techniques. Two separate sides provide facilities for men and women. With this dry system, waste is turned into useful compost. Each toilet has two holes: one for urine and one for excrement. Liquid waste and solid waste can therefore be separated, which is very important.

Your Impact

By supporting our project you can help save people’s lives.

Your donation will provide members of the Mvoumagomi community access to safe water and decent latrine facility, allowing them to stay healthy by preventing waterborne diseases like cholera. Improving the quality of water will improve the quality of life for many members of the community and the economy of the village.

$4,500 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 27%-Hiring local people

  • 13%-Material: Water Tank 500L

  • 13%-Local Transportation

  • 11%-Site supervision

  • 10%-Water pipes and hydraulic comp

  • 7%-Main Water Filter

  • 7%-Construction Materials

  • 7%-Administration fees

  • 5%-Stripe fees

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Our milestones
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