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Our goal
We want Sangaalo Baby Cottage to be a safe and nurturing home to its 60+ infants, most HIV+.
The Challenge

Uganda has 2.5 million orphans and about half are afflicted with HIV.

Uganda has 2.5 million orphans and about half are afflicted with HIV. Those who care for these vulnerable children love them dearly but lack the basic necessities to keep them healthy. Until recently, Sangaalo Baby Cottage lacked clean water but a recently installed bore hole and solar pump have addressed that need. Screens now protect kids from malaria carrying mosquitoes and shutters protect them from monsoon rains. But there is much more to be done.

Our Solution

Safe and reliable electricity and indoor plumbing will keep these vulnerable infants healthy.

Safe and reliable electricity will eliminate kerosene lamps - a constant source of danger and risk of a catastrophe. Electricity will also bring refrigeration which means better food storage and less food borne illness. refrigeration also means HIV medicines can maintain their effectiveness, keeping the kids free of AIDS. Indoor sanitation will also reduce the spread of disease that so frequently challenge these little vulnerable bodies.

Most importantly, electricity also means the introduction of tele-medicine and ongoing HIV management monitoring, permitting intervention before a child may progress to AIDS. It also means the introduction of tele-education at the neighboring school so children can look forward to a productive life ahead.

Your Impact

You can help a child thrive, not just survive.

By encompassing the orphanage, the school house and the church, we aim to lift a community by keeping children in school longer and with better lesson plans. Keeping kids healthy and providing a quality education will mean they can look forward to a long and productive life ahead.

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