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Our goal
To support the emotional, mental & social needs of children enduring cancer treatment.
The Challenge

The emotional & mental stress of cancer care negatively impacts a child's healing process.

Cancer care often requires the lengthiest hospitalizations and the most intensive interventions. In many cases, patients must remain isolated for up to a month.  

Missing birthday parties, Halloween parades and many other holiday festivities can be heart breaking and significantly dampen a child's spirit and resolve to comply with the rigors of cancer treatments.  The emotional burden also has far reaching consequences to the loving families who support them.

Having experienced first-hand the need to alter or eliminate normal childhood activities for my daughter while she was under cancer treatment, I was very grateful for the access to activities and events that supplemented her life during hospital stays.

Our Solution

Support the expansion of Child Life therapies offered to oncology patients.

The Child Life and Integrative Therapies at LPCH comprises Child Life Specialists, Art Therapists, Music Therapists, Family Resource Library Specialists, Hospital Teachers, Education Specialists, Neuropsychologists, and Recreation Therapists. They provide crucial relief from the pressures of treatment and offer a range of services to treat the whole child, not just his/her disease.  

With an eye toward the special challenges of cancer treatment, the Bass Center for Childhood Cancer Packard Children's plans to establish a new effort dedicated solely to cancer patients and their families. This will increase the number of hours patients in the cancer unit are able to spend enjoying purely fun and creative endeavors, as well as provide opportunities specifically designed for patients who are in isolation or otherwise unable to join in standard activities.

For those patients who are able to join in group activities, new regular events such as craft classes, movie nights, and themed group dinners will be organized. These social times will offer both children and parents more opportunities for simple fun, play, and childhood joy for the patients who need it the most.

Your Impact

The Bass Center relies on community support to offer Child Life services.

Your support will enable the thousands of patients who spend time at the Bass Center yearly, to enjoy normal childhood experiences that are essential to their emotional well-being. These services are not covered by insurance, and thus rely heavily on donor support.  I can personally attest to the positive impact the art kits that were delivered to her room, the daily rides around the hospital on play cars, and the halloween parade made on my daughter.  

$15,360 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 32%-Activity kits, books, art supp

  • 33%-2nd group event (Movie nights)

  • 33%-1st group event (eg.Holiday)

  • 2%-2.4% donation processing fees

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