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Build dormitories for Girls & Boys at an orphanage PHASE 1



Our goal
We want to build dormitory facilities that are safe, warm, and secure, for orphans in Kenya.
The Challenge

The children lack a place to sleep. Lack of good sleep reduces concentration and productivity

Currently, Joshua Village for orphans is housing 20 boys and 25 girls.The sleeping rooms are very small. They are occupied to the capacity. Other orphans have to be turned away because there is not enough space. Limited space makes mobility difficult and the rooms have no windows so there is no proper ventilation. Because of that, communicable disease like a cold and flu is easily transmitted from one child to another. This is evidence during the rainy, cold season from November & December.

Statistics show that 650,000 death occur annually from respiratory complications due to flu in Kenya. The number of students who miss school due to a simple cold or flu in Kenya is unclear, but children under the age of five were 17 times more likely to be hospitalized with the flu than older children and adults. School-age children between the ages of 5 and 14 are greatly affected.

Our Solution

Larger, warm, secure dormitories will decrease communicable diseases and improve safety

We will teach the importance of reducing the transmission of cold and flu. The children and the community will be taught the importance of being vaccinated.They will also be taught to avoid close contact with people who are sick, to cover their nose and mouth with a tissue or clean cloth when coughing or sneezing. We will  teach them that Flu and other serious respiratory illnesses like RSV, whooping cough and severe acute respiratory symptoms are spread by cough. sneezing, or unclean hands. 

Your Impact

Your donation will help an orphan flourish by empowering and building their self esteem

 The entire project will cost $30,000. Building 1 dormitory for boys, 1 for girls and furnishings. All year round, children live at Joshua Village for orphans. Current dormitories house children that were left as orphans. The new dormitories will benefit the children by keeping them warm secure and safe. It will allow them to thrive in a nurturing educational environment and the children will have better ventilation which will reduce the incidence of communicable respiratory disease transfer.  

$5,120 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 98%-To purchase materials & Labor

  • 2%-Stripe

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