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Build dormitories for Girls & Boys at an Orphanage PHASE 3



Our goal
We want to build finish dormitory facilities that are safe, warm and secure for orphans in Kenya
The Challenge

Children are Vulnerable. Every child needs a place where they feel safe and secure

Many children are left as orphans due to HIV & AIDS in Kenya. These children are left without a place to call home. Many orphans lack a place where they feel safe, secure and protected. Unsafe, unsecure and unprotected, they are vulnerable to mistreatment, exploitation and other inhumane treatment. That is why building dormitories for girls and boys at Joshua Village for orphans is necessary.

Our Solution

Larger, warmer, secure well ventilated dormitories will keep the children safe and free from disease

Building dormitories for girls and boys at Joshua Village for orphans will provide a safe,secure and well protected facilities for the children to sleep. A place that is well ventilated and safe. A place where they can thrive. The total cost for the 2 dormitories and furnishings will cost a total of $30,000. Phase one and two are commpleted which have allowed for the purchasing of materials to begin the foundation. Phase 3 will allow the purchasing and begin the construction of concrete walls

right now the children sleep in a over-crowded one room with multiple bunck beds with no room to ambulate or windows for prober ventilation. With your donations we hope to provide the children with larger, warmer and secure facilities where then can sleep and get enough rest.

Your Impact

Your Donation will begin the process of building dormitory walls

 The entire project costs $30,000 for building 1 dormitory for girls and 1 for boys including the needed furnishing. Many children are turned away becuse there is not enough space to accomodate everyone. With your donations, we can build larger, safer, secure facilities that will accomodate those children that can not be accomodated at this time. Your donations will help provide a place where children can feel safe secure and protected. A place where they will have a chance to thrive.

$7,750 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 45%-Materials

  • 29%-Labor

  • 23%-Transportation of materials

  • 3%-Stripe

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