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Our goal
To build a clean and comfortable facility for medical care at the second Shanti Bhavan school.
The Challenge

Poverty of this kind in India is generational; you are born into it and pass it on to your children.

Shanti Bhavan is a long-term residential school built to educate children from India’s lowest social and economic class – children enrolled at Shanti Bhavan come from families that earn less than $2 a day. Poverty of this kind in India is generational; you are born into it, and you pass it on to your children. Shanti Bhavan’s mission is to break that cycle of poverty by giving these children an opportunity that would otherwise be impossible - an education like that of their upper-class peers. 

For more context regarding where Shanti Bhavan students are from and who they are, check out the new Netflix docuseries, Daughters of Destiny: The Journey of Shanti Bhavan, directed by Academy Award-winner Vanessa Roth and scored by Academy and Grammy-Award winning music composer A.R. Rahman.

Our Solution

Shanti Bhavan is raising funds to create a second school in India.

The Shanti Bhavan program has had unprecedented success over the past 20 years. With a Shanti Bhavan education, the students are now being accepted into top 25 universities across India. They are working full-time at companies like Amazon, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, Mercedes Benz, Ernst & Young, and more. These graduates are now paying it forward, giving 20-50% of their salaries to their families, communities, and other children in need – creating a ripple effect that impacts thousands.

While the Shanti Bhavan model has proven to be a successful one, each year, the school has to turn away hundreds of interested students. Therefore, Shanti Bhavan is raising funds to create a second school in India. In the initial phase of the second school, it is crucial to create infrastructure that will support the health of the students. This includes a medical clinic facility for use by the school nurse to provide medical care to everyone on campus. 

The medical clinic at the second Shanti Bhavan school will allow students to stay healthy during their 14 years on campus and set the foundation for healthy lives as they continue on to successful careers and take on the powerful task of uplifting others from poverty.  

Your Impact

Donations will help fund a clean and comfortable medical clinic on campus.

Shanti Bhavan will need $2.5 million in capital to begin building its second residential school in India. This first phase will support land purchase, infrastructure, and the first three years of classes. The estimated costs to establish a medical clinic in this initial phase are $10,000. The fundraising is on its way, but Shanti Bhavan needs help from generous donors like you to reach this goal and create a healthy campus for students, staff, and volunteers. https://shantibhavan2.org

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