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Our goal
To provide a sustainable water source to rural communities that lack access to drinkable water.
The Challenge

Water is fundamental to life, but in many parts of the world, shortage is a severe problem.

In October 2016, Haiti was struck by Hurricane Matthew. The storm devastated the southern region of the country, completely undermining an already poor infrastructure and leaving many communities without clean water and electric power. More than half of Haitians in rural areas don’t have access to potable water. In the countryside, when infrastructure is present, too often those systems are not operational due to lack of funds for maintenance.

Our Solution

Warka Tower captures potable water from the atmosphere; it collects rain and harvests fog and dew!

Warka Tower is an environmentally, socially and financially sustainable water source for rural populations who face challenges in accessing drinkable water. It is first and foremost an architecture project. While the Warka Tower does not claim to be 'the' solution to all water problems in developing countries, it is nonetheless an important tool that can provide clean water in select areas, particularly in remote regions where conventional pipelines don’t reach or wells do not exist.

The name of the project, ‘Warka', comes from the Warka tree, a giant, wild Fig tree native to Ethiopia (where the project was initiated). The tree constitutes a very important part of the local culture and ecosystem by providing its fruits and offering a shaded area that acts as a gathering place for the community.

The tall structure is designed to harvest potable water from the atmosphere. It collects rain and also harvests fog and dew. The air always contains a certain amount of water, depending on the local atmospheric conditions—temperature and humidity—making it possible to get water from air almost anywhere in the world. Locations with high rates of fog and humidity are the best places to install the Warka Tower.

Your Impact

Warka Tower Provides Even More than Water!

Help us to empower communities that lack access to an essential element in their daily lives: drinkable water. As important as this challenge is, Warka Tower is much more than a sustainable new source of clean water. The collection tower also generates energy, stimulates the growth of food and the local economy, and offers a civic and social meeting place where all generations can gather to share new ideas and pass along traditions.

$35,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 29%-Solar system

  • 20%-Water Tanks & Filters

  • 10%-Design

  • 9%-Materials

  • 5%-Administrative expenses

  • 3%-Crowdfunding

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Our milestones
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