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Our goal
Build a laboratory in a rural clinic in the Ivory Coast
The Challenge

Crucial Need for a Laboratory in an Impoverished Area

Ivory Coast Mothers and Children works in partnership with The Patricia Nau Clinic, a community-based maternal health clinic located in the village of Braffoueby, Cote d’Ivoire since 2013. Through funding and capacity building support, we are advancing quality medical care for safe births and access to disease treatment and prevention.

How can they achieve the goal of providing quality care and treatment without a correct diagnosis?  The clinic lost 7 babies from anemia and did not know the children's blood types.  How can they treat an infection without knowing what kind it is, or the condition of the their organs, or during pregnancy to be able to treat a sexually transmitted disease, or if there is an increased risk of birth complications.  Blood tests are important to determine the state of health.

In many cases they  are forced to send the patients away to the capital city of Abidjan to get laboratory results. This not only takes time during a critical situation but causes extra expense to the already impoverished people. Most decide to "wait until they get better" or  they opt for traditional herbs.  Many families face tragedy because of this delay.  If our doctors, nurse or midwife had better information many lives would be saved and their health improved with expedited treatment.

Our Solution

Rapidly and accurately diagnose disease to reduce abuse of antibiotics.

This patient population is afflicted with diseases caused by a variety of bacteria, parasites and viruses.  The World Health Organization indicates that bacteria, viruses and parasites cause the most morbidity and mortality.   Examples of these include cholera, influenza, and malaria where a laboratory would be useful in determining diagnoses and providing expedient treatment. Tropical diseases, typhoid, hepatitis A and B also chronic kidney disease are also  predominant in this region.

Having a laboratory will expedite appropriate diagnoses and treatment, for instance, if a newborn or a mother needs to be transferred to a hospital and receive blood the caregivers will know the blood types and avoid further delays. Many illnesses are misdiagnosed as malaria and not all of these people have malaria! They are treated with a prescription for a medication that does not help them.  Their money is wasted and productive time is lost away from work and family.

The laboratory will provide sustainability for the clinic to launch a revenue stream and capital for clinic growth and development.  We have identified space for placement of the laboratory and have a capable technician to lead this important role.  A laboratory is crucial in providing appropriate treatment and helping to support the clinic without referring so many to another facility which delays their treatment and cure.

Your Impact

Anemia is killing children. Your donation will help us get the correct type of blood to them FAST.

 A diet rich in carbohydrates caused by poverty  is killing children and weakening the population. Scientific evidence proves that  infections occur because the immune systems can not produce enough antibodies.   We have supplemented their diets with vitamins thanks to Vitamin Angels and we are addressing the problem of nutrition, but now we need to diagnose the people suffering from nutritional deficiencies and a host of other tropical diseases accurately and efficiently to save lives. 

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