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Our goal
We envision a future where Americans don't live under the constant threat of gunfire.
The Challenge

Each year, 115,000 Americans are shot —over one million in the past decade.

As the foremost experts on gun legislation and litigation in the country, our mission is to save lives by researching, writing, enacting, and defending the policies and programs proven to save lives from gun violence. By shifting culture, changing policies, and challenging injustice, we believe we can win this battle. But we cannot do it alone, which is why we need your support.

Our Solution

Our legal team will develop innovative approaches to save lives from gun violence

Specifically, laws like domestic violence restraining orders, extreme risk protective orders, safe storage, and background checks—policies supported by a wealth of public health research—have led to substantial reductions in gun violence. As the only national law center dedicated exclusively to providing technical assistance to lawmakers and advocates looking to enact gun safety laws, we have played a leading role in bringing these policy solutions to dozens of communities nationwide.

Community education and action are also critical to creating a safer America. By making complex legal and policy issues understandable, conducting legal research, and providing trainings, we educate communities and empower governments to pursue effective measures. By shifting the focus away from divisive political arguments, gun violence can instead be understood and addressed as the pervasive—yet preventable—public health crisis it is.

We’ll be able to conduct a 50-state analysis on the effectiveness of all enacted gun legislation and strategize accordingly. Key findings from previous research has shown that legislative action helps achieve positive public health outcomes by preventing the loss of life to gun violence. We’ve already had tremendous success with two of our key publications, demonstrating the correlation between states that have passed measures to limit access to guns by dangerous people & lower gun death rates.

Your Impact

We’re raising $10,000 to fuel this fight and end the gun violence epidemic.

With your support, our team will develop innovative approaches and provide unmatched expertise to advocates, law enforcement, and mental health professionals working to thoughtfully address the devastating public-health consequences of immediate, easy access to firearms in our country. By donating to this campaign, you will enable us to produce more educational resources for health professionals, educators, and the public.

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