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Our goal
Improve health care access and awareness
The Challenge

Some villages in India are plagued by multiple problems in health care

Women are especially at the bottom of the chain. They have low self-esteem due to cultural ingraining about their inferiority. They do not think they are worth spending time and money on themselves. This results in malnutrition, and not seeking appropriate healthcare, which in turn leads to preterm childbirth and malnourished/ ill babies who need more intensive treatment. Unfortunately, rural and tribal women are unable to pay for these treatments, hence they lose the baby or their own life.

Our Solution

Educate, Inform and Train people and volunteers

Ekam's vision is to empower communities, not to just fix individual problems. Ekam believes in all-round development of the community- for this education of the community about the problems and solutions is essential. Ekam trains local volunteers in villages to identify problems, connect with people, develop rapport and encourage them towards behavioral change. Ekam's Change Management Campaigns have been successful in Tamil Nadu.

Your Impact

Better healthcare and reduction of child/ maternal mortality

Goals of campaigns - Improved health status , hygiene, nutritional awareness among people in the village – Increased community participation in health governance, reduction in maternal/ child mortality and domestic violence against women; campaign to be done in multiple phases- Preparatory, Intensive and Withdrawal. Also plan long term with Corpus fund raised with matching amounts

$2,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 50%-Ekam Corpus fund

  • 12%-Camp venue costs

  • 10%-Continue follow up

  • 10%-Staff cost

  • 10%-Volunteer training at camps

  • 8%-Marketing and materials

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Our milestones
  • Venkatakrishna

  • Suman

  • Usha

  • Caroline

  • Suguna

  • Neelima

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