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Create Urgent Access to Safe Water



Our goal
We want to create a future where all communities in Uganda have access to sustainable, safe water.
The Challenge

Entire Community without Access to Safe Water

Billions of people lack access to safe water and walk an average of 4 miles each day to collect water from unsafe sources. According to the United Nations (and to Drink Local Drink Tap) clean water is a basic human right. In Kampindu IDP (Internally Displaced Person's Settlement), 1,812 Ugandans were settled after being forced from their longtime homes and ancestral land by a forestry company. Six years into their resettlement, they still have no clean water and water borne disease is rampant.

Thanks to The International Foundation in February 2019, half of this water project has been funded. On this Caring Crowd platform, we are funding the remaining half of the project. Thank you!

Our Solution

Construction of a Solar powered, Gravity-fed Tapped Water System & Safe Bathing Area

DLDT will drill a deep borehole (well), install a solar pumping system to pump water to a tower holding a 10,000 liter water tank. Water from the tank will gravity-fed to taps strategically located throughout the settlement. Four-five tap stands and one bathing area will be installed.

Your Impact

By donating $30, one person gets safe water and dignified bathing

The world average to bring someone safe water for life is $30. For this project with the current population, it is $20 per person. Every 20 seconds a child under 6 years old dies due to waterborne disease and it's very inexpensive to stop this from happening. Struggling at the rawest level of human poverty, the people of Kampindu were left with no hope and feel forgotten. For just $30, DLDT can provide both clean water and a dignified, safe bathing for two people.

$16,514 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 51%-Drilling of borehole

  • 27%-Solar (partial cost) Solar

  • 19%- SafeBathingBlock Construction

  • 3%-Plumbing works (partial cost)

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Our milestones
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