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Cure 100 tuberculosis (TB) patients in India



Our goal
We envision a future without a curable, preventable disease like tuberculosis (TB).
The Challenge

Millions of people are still dying from TB, a curable disease

Tuberculosis (TB) remains the world's most lethal infectious disease killer -- leading to more deaths than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. Not only that, but TB is a completely curable disease.

India has the highest burden of both TB and drug-resistant TB in the world. In 2017, it was estimated that 2.7 million of the world’s 10 million people diagnosed with the disease live in India. The World Health Organization estimates the 1,190 people in India die of TB -- of a curable disease -- every day.

Our Solution

Operation ASHA trains and employs technology-equipped community health workers to combat TB

Operation ASHA helps to combat this disease on all fronts, from screening and diagnosis to helping patients make sure they complete treatment. Meeting our project goal will enable us to treat and cure 100 patients of TB in the slums of Delhi.

Your Impact

$80 is all it takes to cure a disadvantaged patient of TB and change a life

Your donation will have a far-reaching impact. With just $80, a disadvantaged patient can be cured of TB. Getting a patient diagnosed, on treatment, and successfully completing treatment both helps prevent the further spread of TB as well as the development of drug-resistant TB, which is much harder to treat. Your donation will help a child go back to school, a breadwinner return to their job, and save a beloved family member's life.

$10,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 91%-Cure 100 TB patients

  • 5%-Technology costs

  • 4%-Training expenses

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