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Our goal
We want to alleviate pressures that trap girls and women in vicious poverty cycles.
The Challenge

Women & girls who can't afford period products miss out on life.

In the Green Bay School District, 1 in every 22 students during the 2018-19 school year were homeless, according to news reports citing Wisconsin Department of Instruction data. Across the city, the poverty rate is 17.2%, higher than the state poverty rate of just 12.3%. What’s more, females living in Green Bay are 30% more likely than males to be struggling with poverty. When they can't afford basic needs like period products, they miss out on school and work.

Our Solution

Gifted Period Products Relieve Stress and Provide Dignity

There unfortunately is a negative stigma around menstruation, and not having adequate supplies can make girls and women feel embarrassed or anxious about leaking, and causing them to miss valuable days of school or work because of this lack of a basic necessity. A donation of period products ensures this doesn't happen.

Your Impact

By donating just $10 to our cause, you provide a monthly supply of period products to a girl in need

Your donation will help girls and women struggling to afford basic needs have enough period products to maintain personal hygiene needs. This allows them to live with dignity and afford other essentials to survive and thrive in our modern society. This also gives the hope and help needed to move out of the cycle of poverty and be able to afford basic needs on their own.

$10,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 97%-Supply period products

  • 3%-Stripe fees

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