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Our goal
Give girls the opportunity for safe, healthy lives & academic success at the WISER Girls School
The Challenge

Muhuru Bay, Kenya faces high HIV prevalence and poor educational outcomes for girls

Muhuru Bay, Kenya is home to the country's highest HIV rates and some of its worst educational outcomes for girls. As many as 1 in 3 people are HIV positive in the region, resulting in a disturbing rise in the number of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS-related illnesses. Despite the prevalence of HIV, over 50% of sexually active girls in the community participate in transactional sex. Why take the risk? The girls of Muhuru Bay are willing to do whatever possible to find funds to stay in school.

Our Solution

Girls thrive in WISER's holistic environment which removes all barriers standing in their way.

Our flagship project, a boarding school for girls in Muhuru Bay, Kenya, educates 180 young women every year. The school provides housing, food, clothing, books, psychological counselling, and supportive faculty at no cost to our students. This keeps girls in school, thereby reducing child marriage, pregnancy, and HIV risk. We reduce gender-based violence, build self-esteem, and produce academic high-achievers.

As educated women, studies show that WISER alumni will have healthier children and better sexual/reproductive health. WISER girls excel in the sciences and become vocal advocates for their well-being, changing the perception of what a girl in Muhuru Bay can do. In short, WISER girls are community leaders and change makers.

Your Impact

We are the most effective girls education and health program in the region.

Over 40% of WISER’s students are orphans and before WISER began, only one girl in the history of its 50,000 person community had gone on to university. Today, WISER has sustained a 100% graduation rate, a 90% rate of enrollment in college or university, and a 0% dropout rate due to early pregnancy. WISER alumni are healthy, thriving, and leading their communities. Giving to WISER means making a gift that matters!

$1,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 70%-School programming support

  • 15%-Essential medicines for girls

  • 15%-Healthy environment in dorms

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