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Our goal
Help human trafficking survivors have a bright future by funding education and vocational training.
The Challenge

Without employment opportunities, 80% of survivors of human trafficking may be trafficked again.

There over 40 million people in slavery around the world and in the United States. Only 1% are ever rescued and 80% are re-trafficked. Traffickers use different methods to recruit victims. Most victims are lured away by promises of a false job because they are in poverty and in need of work. Once victims are rescued, if they do not have the means to find employment and a stable income, they can end up in a vicious cycle where they are trafficked again.

Our Solution

Education and vocational training helps survivors maintain their freedom.

A21 rescues victims and seeks justice against their captors. They restore survivors and equip them to live independently. A21 works face to face with every person in their care, providing them with access to housing, medical treatment, counseling and services based on their needs. This project will specifically fund education and vocational training in Ukraine and Bulgaria for 1 year. Survivors will receive training in language, computer, resume and job interview, and beauty and life skills.

Your Impact

Your donation will impact generations as you set each person on a path to true freedom.

Provide survivors of human trafficking the necessary skills to reintegrate into their communities. An integral part of setting survivors up to thrive in life is helping them get the education or training for a skill that they would like to use after they leave A21's care. This aids them in becoming financially independent and breaking the cycle of poverty that leaves them susceptible to being trafficked. Join us in restoring the lives of these precious individuals.

$10,250 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 39%-Provide skills training

  • 29%-Room and board

  • 20%-Hire language teachers

  • 5%-Tools to begin employment

  • 5%-Budgeting classes

  • 2%-Processing fees

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Our milestones
  • Matt

  • Andrea

  • Tamaria

  • Marileny

  • Mary

  • Brittany

  • Tracy

  • Noelia


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