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Empower Kenyan Midwives to Improve Child and Maternal Health



Our goal
Reducing the number of pregnancy related deaths in the west coast of Kenya
The Challenge

Many communities in Kenya lack access to affordable, quality antenatal care

Worldwide 450 babies die hourly from avoidable causes due to the lack of attention to neonatal care (UNICEF,2009). Maternal health in the rural and peri-urban areas of Kenya are compromised due to the lack of access to proper antenatal care. Mother and Child morbidity is increasing as complications arising from pregnancies go undetected because of the lack of trained personnel and resources. We know that Prenatal care is fundamental in the progress of safe pregnancies, labour and delivery. 

Our Solution

Train and equip midwives in rural areas to improve access to antenatal care

In co-operation with the Midwives Association of Kenya (MAK) we will train 5 midwives/nurses, hiring 2 as part of our new antenatal care centre in Mombasa. The centre will be staffed by our trained midwives, providing: screenings, lab work and counselling for the potential mothers. Our intention is to replicate this model in the future. 

Your Impact

$400 will allow a midwife to complete a 5 day antenatal ultrasound screening certification program

$15,000 amount will aid the development of a fully functioning antenatal centre. In addition the funds will certify midwives to carry out antenatal screenings, increasing the amount of trained personnel able to cater to pregnant women. The mobility of the midwives will provide accessibility of the service to remote rural areas in Kenya, increasing the accessibility of antenatal care throughout the region. 

$15,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 43%-Portable ultrasound machine

  • 17%-Build out

  • 11%-Training

  • 10%-Fiscal sponsor fee

  • 10%-Licenses

  • 5%-Lab, Equipment and set up

  • 2%-Administrative fee

  • 2%-Travel

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