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Our goal
Set up a greenhouse at the Sandra Jones Center in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
The Challenge

HIV+ girls must learn how to become self-sufficient in order to survive

Prolonged instability in the Zimbabwean economy over the past years, along drought, has left homes vulnerable, without food and other necessities. Orphanages and other childrens' homes are suffering, too. With this in mind, and not wanting to foster a welfare mentality, AFCA has started providing sustainable food solutions to these entities, including the Sandra Jones Center, a children’s home in Zimbabwe for girls who not only lost their parents to AIDS, but were then abused by their guardians.

Our Solution

Let's get HIV+ girls ready to face the world, with valuable skills

Some of the young girls are pregnant when they arrive at Sandra Jones (due to abuse), without a place to turn. There, they are loved and cared for and they learn to be mothers, thanks to the input of counselors and home parents. They learn valuable skills, such as reading, writing, how to do basic chores, and how to act in a family setting. They help provide the entire center with good, fresh produce while learning to make jams and goodies to sell, budgeting, marketing, and other needed skills.

Your Impact

By donating just $25 to our project, you help train girls to be SO much more than they ever dreamed

HIV+ girls in Zimbabwe are in an incredibly vulnerable position - they are often victims of abuse and are the ones to be the least educated. By supporting this project, you will change all of that! You will be helping give new life and HOPE to the girls by giving them an education, a skill, and a way to broaden their horizons. You believe in them and that counts for more than you'll ever imagine. You will change their lives, as well as that of their children - what is better than that?

$10,050 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 70%-Greenhouse

  • 19%-Water tanks, piping, hardware

  • 7%-Transportation

  • 4%-Seeds and Manure

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