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Our goal
Provide the girls with the needed equipment to work in a life-changing greenhouse project.
The Challenge

HIV+ girls must learn how to become self-sufficient in order to survive

For an HIV+ child, taking medications is essential to successful treatment and these medicines should not be taken without food. At AFCA, we see food as part of treatment and we call it Nutrition by Prescription. Besides providing food, we want to see children in our program grow to be self-reliant individuals, with skills to take them throughout their lifetimes.

Our Solution

Girls learn valuable skills to take them through life

A greenhouse to grow strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, and other delicacies has already been built and a second is being built (2nd out of 10 planned) The produce is used to feed the girls and staff at the Center, with the remainder being sold to individuals in town. Each girl keeps over half the proceeds from their sales, with the rest used to pay for new seeds and other input into the project.

In order to make the project complete, we provide the girls with boots, gloves, gardening tools, recording supplies, uniforms, and anything else they may need to carry out their work. This project will purchase those items so our greenhouse projects can train even more girls in this important work.

The girls learn to be careful with their things, as boots and gloves are provided to them. But if they lose them, they need to purchase a new set from their earnings. Boy, has that cut down on “lost” items and the girls have learned to respect and care for their things!

Your Impact

By donating just $25 to our project, you help train girls to be SO much more than they ever dreamed

Your donation will allows us to properly equip the young ladies who are learning to farm in greenhouses. They will be protected and will have the supplies needed to do the job right. Good gardening tools are essential, as are protective clothing, books, and record-keeping ledgers. Let's help these young girls move forward with the proper tools and equipment, just like we'd like for ourselves or our own children!

$1,650 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 31%-Coveralls for trainees

  • 24%-Gardening gloves for trainees

  • 24%-Boots for each trainee

  • 15%-Pruning shears and tools

  • 6%-Notebooks and pens for records

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