Enabled Children Initiative


Enabled Children Initiative is an independent non-profit registered in the US as a 501 c3 and as a charity in the UK. ECI supports orphaned and abandoned disabled children, or those at risk of being abandoned, in Afghanistan. We work to improve the children’s quality of life and help them reach their full potential. Our staff are all volunteers, which means 100% of funds raised go directly to the benefit of the children we support, their caretakers, and educators.

ECI provides comprehensive residential services to support disabled orphans in one private care home in Kabul, Window of Hope, and works with the UK charity Children in Crisis to provide support to disabled orphans residing in the two-state orphanages in Kabul, Allahuddin, and Tahia Maskan. ECI also works to prevent institutionalization of children and reintegrate children with their families through a pilot program in Kabul province that enables families with disabled children to care for their child within the home.

ECI provides a unique service in Afghanistan not currently offered by the Afghan government or other NGOs. We provide a safety net to some the most vulnerable children in need of protection and nurturing.