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End Diarrheal Diseases Among Children and Families



Our goal
To create healthy practices for families to fight diarrheal diseases through an awareness campaign.
The Challenge

2.8 million children in Bangladesh are at risk of diarrhea and other preventable infectious diseases

In 2014, 68% of households in Bangladesh had dirt floors. Dirt floors carry pathogens that cause diseases like diarrhea, UTI’s, and respiratory illnesses, leading to malnutrition, anemia, and impaired growth. The presence of fecal matter from free-roaming animals and human feces is worsened by poor WASH practices. Pathogens in dirt floors are difficult to remove, putting children at risk as they are more likely to involuntarily ingest fecal contaminants from floors.

Our Solution

The project replaces dirt floors with a concrete floor. This media campaign will amplify our work.

Families are unaware about the powerful role their homes have on the family’s health outcomes. Our award-winning project - Mud to Mortar - gives families clean floors so that they can eat, play, socialize, and sleep in a healthier home. Additionally, the project reduces bacteria and parasite-related diseases in children by providing direct training to families on the link between housing and health, clean water and sanitation practices, and the appropriate method for cleaning their new floors.

Your Impact

A solution that has an impact of up to $60 million on the yearly economy of Bangladesh.

So far, we have built safe, cleanable floors in 67 homes. We are on track to complete 150 more floors by Winter 2018. Our post-construction report showed 23% decrease in the incidence of diarrhea and women saved on avg 20 hours/week from cleaning and maintaining dirt floors. This project can save $60M/year by enabling families to be more financially productive in Bangladesh. As a result, the Mud to Mortar media campaign will increase these results exponentially with community uptake and buy-in.

$26,500 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 56%-Local Cable TV Broadcast

  • 38%-Social Media Broadcast

  • 5%-Travel for site visit

  • 1%-Accommodation for staff

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