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Equip 2 Hospitals with Basic Infrastructure



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Our goal
To provide necessary basic equipment to 2 hospitals in Tamil Nadu state.
The Challenge

Many hospitals in Tamil Nadu lack basic equipment for patients

Due to a lack of funding, many of the hospitals in Tamil Nadu do not have basic infrastructure for patient care. Often there are not enough cots to provide for patients who are admitted. There is also a shortage of items such as IV stands, O2 stands due to which patients are not treated and are forced to wait.

Our Solution

Help Equip 2 Healthcare facilities with basic equipment

Ekam will utilize the donations raised thru this project to buy cots, IV stands, and oxygen valves. With this the hospitals in Tamil Nadu will be able to provide a better and healthier environment which will benefit a lot of sick kids and mothers.

Your Impact

Thru help of your donation, patient care will be greatly improved!

Ekam will use the money donated to buy equipment greatly needed in hospitals of Tamil Nadu. This project will help this need in 2 hospitals.

$2,200 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 65%-Cots

  • 13%-IV stands

  • 11%-Oxygen Cylinder Stands

  • 5%-Bed sheets

  • 4%-Oxygen Valves

  • 2%-Bed Pans

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