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Equip a health care clinic in Kenya with life saving tools



Our goal
We want to provide a community clinic in Kenya with life saving equipment
The Challenge

Community Clinic needs diagnostic tools and life saving equipment

There are equipment that still need to be purchased for the local health care clinic. An electrocardiogram machine, ultrasound machine , cardiac monitor, sterilizing machine, obstetric exam table or bed. These equipments are useful for correctly diagnosing a sick individual so that they can be properly treated. The sterilizing machine is needed and necessary to sterilize tools used for minor surgical procedure. This will eliminate prevent cross contamination.

Our Solution

Correct diagnosis and treatment at a village level public clinic will hep save lives

An obstetric table would make it easy to examine a female patient in a lithotomy position, sterilizing machine for sterilizing equipment to prevent cross contamination, ultrasound machine would be helpful in improving patient care by enhancing the image of the organ in the body. The cardiac monitor is useful when someone comes to the clinic experiencing chest pain. The device can show the electrical and pressure waveforms of the heart.

Your Impact

Every donation will go toward the purchase of life saving equipment which will save lives

Your Donation will help the community health clinic  purchase the necessary equipment. Equipment which will help  the health care professionals make accurate diagnosis, thus allowing the physician to treat the root cause of illness, which will save lives.

$5,150 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 97%-Purchasing equipment

  • 3%-Stripe

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