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Expand Medical Facility - Peruvian Center for Public Health



Our goal
We want to create a safe educational space where Peruvians can thrive!
The Challenge

Many Peruvians do not have a safe space where they can thrive.

In the community of Villa Los Angeles, Peru, there is a significantly low level of education, a shortage of educational equipment and integral formation, and a labor force without technical and competitive skills. This leads to economic shortages which can lead to negative health outcomes. As a result, many families are stuck in the cycle of poverty. Our center for public health currently does not have the infrastructure to tackle these problems.

Our Solution

Build a second floor focused on determinant of health: education

We firmly believe education is a very important determinant of health and also a tool for human development. We want to create opportunities for equality for hundreds of people. The "Educateca" will help to create equal opportunities, as it will be an additional second floor to our public health center that will be used for our public health community programs, children's education, infant development, women's entrepreneur knitting facility, and a computer lab for children.

Your Impact

Create educational space - create opportunities for all!

In providing educational spaces, we can directly impact a family's health and wellbeing. Empowering vulnerable children, adolescents and adults by expanding their opportunities will make them more competitive economically, and is a way to generate sustainable communities and development. Providing access to these safe, healthy spaces can ultimately help break the cycle of poverty, reduce the inequality gap, and increase the quality of life for potentially thousands of Peruvians.

$6,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 58%-Construction materials

  • 39%-Equipping Educateca

  • 3%-Stripe fees

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  • Pauline


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