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Feed Hungry Children This Summer: Phase 2



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Our goal
Continue supporting Feeding Middlesex County’s efforts to stock local food pantries for the summer!
The Challenge

Hunger is a year-round struggle

More than 34,000 children of Middlesex public schools receive free/reduced lunches during the school year. During the summer, these kids are not receiving free/reduced lunches, which puts an increased demand on food pantries to fill this void. The food banks and pantries in Middlesex County face a severe decrease in donations and collections during the summer months, and cannot meet this increased demand from food insecure persons (The Annie E. Casey Foundation's Kids Count Report).

Our Solution

Fund Food Pantries that Serve Hungry Children

Feeding Middlesex County provides financial support to more than 100 emergency food providers in all 25 communities in Middlesex County. These are 501c3 organizations, houses of worship-related, school-based & government-based organizations. These emergency food providers need increased food supplies during the summer months to effectively provide for children and families. This campaign seeks to raise the rest of the funds necessary to stock the Middlesex County food bank, M.C.F.O.O.D.S.

We were blown away by the enthusiastic and speedy response to our first campaign. We were able to raise $2,500 thanks to the generosity of our donors! While this is a great start, we still have a way to go to fully fund the food bank for the summer. Please help us get the rest of the way there with this phase two campaign! Your donation will be matched by J&J and immediately applied toward our goal while matching funds are available. You can check the availability of funds at caringcrowd.org

As a little extra, we are including a plan, for September, to purchase healthy snacks to be distributed to school-aged children through the food pantries that receive supplies at the food bank. Pre-packaged, healthy but delicious snacks make it easier for parents to place them in the children's backpacks to ensure that their children are getting nutritional snacks at school to supplement their meals.

Your Impact

Your donation reduces food insecurity in Middlesex County

These funds help feed the food insecure individuals of Middlesex County, specifically the children who are missing federally subsidized lunches for the summer. Healthy snacks for the school year help nutritionally. Hunger takes a big toll on children's physical, social and emotional health. Please help us keep the children of Middlesex County well fed and thriving! In such an advanced nation as the United States, no child should go hungry. Children should be well fed all year round.

Pledge spending
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    Purchasing non perishable food

  • 25% -

    Purchasing healthy snacks

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