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Fight COVID-19 with Ultrasound Technology in Honduras



Our goal
Our goal is to overcome medical challenges so that the people we serve may learn, grow, and prosper
The Challenge

Many communities in Honduras lack access to medical and diagnostic imaging systems.

Ultrasound machines are valuable tools to diagnose life-threatening illnesses, and can be useful in improving medical outcomes and saving lives.

Such systems can detect high risk pregnancies and identify life threatening conditions for pregnant mothers, like ectopic pregnancies. Ultrasound can identify pneumonia, heart conditions, and has also been identified as an alternative imaging method that supports its ability to identify characteristic lung lesions seen in COVID-19.

Unfortunately, not every community has access to this useful resource, and, for some, imaging tools are hours away and cost prohibitive.

Our Solution

Access to a portable ultrasound machine will improve medical outcomes in remote Honduran communities

H&H seeks to fundraise for the purchase of the Butterfly iQ (a portable ultrasound machine)as well as for training opportunities for medical personnel given by the Global Sounds Project (globalsoundsproject.org), so that the isolated communities of La Coroza, Remolino, and La Cuchilla can fight the COVID-19 outbreak and benefit from this medical technology.

Your Impact

Access to medical imaging creates opportunities for improved healthcare delivery in Honduras

Your donation provides ultrasound equipment, hands-on training, and continued quality assessment. No additional staff is required, and the only reoccurring cost is gel. This project aims for early and accurate diagnoses of medical issues in isolated communities without increasing overhead. Early detection and treatment of conditions such as COVID-19 is critical to Humanity and Hope's mission of helping others to overcome challenges so that they have opportunities to learn, grow, & prosper.

$3,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 67%-Est. cost of device

  • 33%-Est. cost of 2 year license

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