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Fight Malnutrition and Restore our Pharmacy in Ivory Coast



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Our goal
Accurate diagnosis in new lab requires medicine to treat disease & prevent anemia and malnutrition.
The Challenge

Reduce the number of children with malnutrition and treat with medicine

Globally, Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest number of malnutrition cases causing a high prevalence of opportunistic infections, anemia and stunted growth. Villagers depend on the cassava plant as a staple food item, but the starch-based plant has low nutritional value. Our goal is to facilitate health education courses on vaccination days. Mothers will have access to meal fortifying supplements as well as a lesson performed by our on-site midwife.

Our Solution

The midwife will teach supplemental nutrition to the malnourished and medicine will be available

There is a new Midwife at the clinic whose name is Reine.  She is bursting with great ideas on how to help the many children between the ages of 1 and 5 who are anemic and also who are malnourished.  She wants to have classes  on Tuesdays when the mothers come in for vaccinations. All the kitchen tools and needed ingredients will be available for her to demonstrate how to prepare a healthy nutritional porridge to supplement the children's diet.  

Your Impact

$10 will cure a severe case of malaria, $20 buys 4 boxes of milk for fortified porridge

After equipping the clinic with essential items(milk, powdered milk, milled flour, corn meal, soy, eggs, cans of fish,fruit,oil etc)and the kitchen tools need for preparation, the midwife will give classes to the mothers on awareness of how to feed their children whose diets are lacking in nutrition. The pharmacy needs to be stocked with medicines that are  needed for the types of illnesses that are most prevalent like, malaria, diarrhea, anemia (all types), pneumonia, worms, blood pressure, etc

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