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Fulfill the needs of kids in Sakkimangalam Village, India



Our goal
Basic needs to babies and middle and high school kids in rural TN.
The Challenge

Lack of basic health care needs to newborn babies and basic needs to school kids

Hemoglobinometers and glucose strips are basic resource needs for primary health care facilities to ensure the health of the new borns. Sakkimangalam Village of Tamilnadu is lacking some of the basic health care and resource needs for newborn babies at hospitals and baby care facilities. School kids are lacking basic needs e.g. 1) a reverse osmosis system is also needed to enable access to clean drinking water for middle school kids 2) Tables and chairs for high school kids.

Our Solution

Funding support for primary health care facilities and donation of reverse osmosis system

Collecting funds via EKAM to enable the provision of necessary instruments for primary health centers, to serve mothers and children in need. Providing this equipment results in early diagnosis of newborn illnesses that could be easily treated before they become life-threatening. Also use these funds to provide RO System to the middle school to have access to clean drinking water. This will help to eliminate infectious diseases which result in poor nutrition in children.

Your Impact

Donate a minimum of $1 to $10 per person and save newborns and kids with basic needs

Your donation will help with few projects in sakkimangalam village 1) saving newborn babies born to poor parents by diagnosing the basic health issues early on. This will help to support Ekam's goal or reducing child mortality 2) providing clean water access via reverse osmosis system to school kids will avoid diseases like typhoid and Cholera spread via contaminated water. This will help children live healthy lives.

$2,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 50%-Core fund

  • 25%-Cost of reverse osmosis system

  • 7%-Cost of glucometer and strips

  • 8%-Cost of hemoglobinometer

  • 5%-Installation fees

  • 5%-Primary health care needs

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Our milestones
  • Kiran

  • Kailash

  • Sridhar

  • Suhaas

  • Sunish

  • Keerthi

  • Prati

  • Noriko


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