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Our goal
To provide quality healthcare and health education to communities across East Africa.
The Challenge

Many communities across East Africa lack access to health care and health education

Although many communities across East Africa lack access to quality healthcare, at Mama Hope we believe the solution to this problem lies in the hands of our community partners. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all solution, so each health project we fund is as diverse as one community is from the next.

Our Solution

It is essential to invest in locally led healthcare services & education

Visionary grassroots leaders are changing the future of healthcare. Meet 5 of our partners in Africa who on the front lines of ensuring their communities have access to the health services they need to thrive.
1. Girls’ Reproductive & Menstrual Health - QEA, Tanzania
2. Suubi Maternity Ward, Uganda
3. Girls’ Health & Wellbeing - Akili Girls’ School, Kenya
4. HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment & child services - OLPS, Kenya
5. HIV/AIDS & Gender-Based Violence peer education, WOY, Tanzania

Your Impact

$20,000 will impact over 40,000 lives across East Africa

-Support a girls' reproductive & menstrual health program to be replicated in schools across rural Tanzania
-Help build a maternity clinic that will offer services including prenatal care, early childhood care, testing, health outreach & education
-Build a girls’ well-being, physical health & empowerment program
-Expand the Kisumu Children’s Center to provide medical & psychosocial care for children affected by HIV/AIDS
-Fund a peer ed program to end gender-based violence & HIV/AIDS stigma

$20,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 20%-QEA Girls Health Ed; Tanzania

  • 20%-WOY Health & Advocacy;Tanzania

  • 20%-OLPS HIV/AIDS Program; Kenya

  • 20%-Akili Girls Health Ed; Kenya

  • 20%-Suubi Maternal Clinic; Uganda

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