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Our goal
Provide NICU medical expenses for new born babies
The Challenge

Babies in indigent families cannot get treatment at critical care facilities due to lack of money

About 1,000,000 kids die every year before age 5 in India. (source - UNICEF mortality rates data). Almost 50 percent of these deaths take place within 30 days of birth. Poverty and lack of affordability is one of the reasons for this. NICU and PICU stays for infants who need critical care are expensive and frequently poor families cannot afford treatments leading to inadequate care and deaths.

Our Solution

Funds raised will be used to cover cost of up to 60 days of critical care

Critical care treatment at NICU and PICUs cost about $35 per day. The total cost for 60 days is about $2000. These donations will help babies in need of vital care. Some parents have to decide between saving 1 sick child by selling their property/ home, etc. or give up on one child and use their money to care for the rest. It is sad to see parents having to make such decisions, so Ekam's goal is "No parent should feel guilty of not providing treatment for their children".

Your Impact

By donating just $100, you can help save a child's life by covering 3 days critical care cost

Ekam will use your donations to cover costs associated with providing critical care for infants. This will give families in need of financial help a life line and help improve mortality rates.

$2,250 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 76%-NICU expenses for babies

  • 13%-Training costs for nurses

  • 11%-Help with cost of transport

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