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Fund urgent surgery by Sierra Leone doctor to save a family.



Our goal
Raise $3,300 for Mamusu's oral surgery (can be completed by Sept.) and help her children as well.
The Challenge

Mamusu Conteh, age 25, has been suffering from an abscessed jaw for four years.

Mamusu Conteh is the widowed mother of two children: a boy, age 10, and a girl, age 3, all living in a small village in Sierra Leone. After her husband's death, she worked as a farm hand, to earn a share of the crops and help keep her children in school. Until she was hit by an infection from a decayed tooth, which now affects much of her lower right jaw, with two active sinuses oozing pus. Her infection is continuing to spread. Left unchecked, it could end her life.

Our Solution

We have identified a doctor who can help Mamusu.

Dr. Don Davis, an oral surgeon in Freetown, capital city of Sierra Leone, has already seen Mamusu. He will need to have an X-ray taken of her head and jaw, to determine the extent of the decay and to plan the first surgical treatment. Meanwhile he has prescribed a regimen of medications which Mamusu cannot afford to buy herself.

Based on the history of patients with similar infections, we expect Mamusu’s treatment to need three or more procedures, preceded and followed by regimens of medication. The process, from first X-ray to final discharge and trip home, can take 4 to 6 months, or longer in case of relapse. Mamusu’s children will remain in the village and cared for by her late husband’s mother. She will be lodged at the Africa Surgery premises in Freetown throughout her period of care.

Your Impact

After her surgeries, Mamusu will be free from pain and able to support her children again.

Mamusu’s jaw bone will regenerate some of its deteriorated bone tissue, since this is the only bone in the human body capable of such regeneration. Her ability to chew and eat will be improved, promoting vigor and strength to work and care for her family. She will be free from the odor of decayed and infected flesh and bone tissue. She will finally be able to smile again and return to her village to hug her children.

$3,300 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 52%-3rd surgery

  • 30%-Pre

  • 18%-Medications and 2nd surgery

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