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Get and Install Toilets for Igusi's Medical Clinic



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Our goal
We want to install new toilets and sinks as well as connect them to the water supply.
The Challenge

Igusi Clinic Needs Toilets and Sinks

We have a new filtration system installed, and we have pipelines delivering that water to the clinic, but Igusi hospital needs functional toilets and sinks to complete our goal of getting clean water to the clinic.

Our Solution

We Will Fix and Replace Toilets and Sinks as Necessary

In order to solve the need for clean toilets in Igusi, we will fix toilets, install new toilets, and connect water to the toilets. This will allow for a much greater level of sanitation in the clinic. As the water was not safe, and the toilets are dry, this is a vital step in helping the clinic to provide necessary medical services to the local population.

Your Impact

By donating $10 to our cause, you can save a child and a mother’s life

The clinic’s staff and patients will benefit from clean and reliable toilets and running water in the sinks. The clinic and school are core facilities at the heart of the community of 20k people, so there will be indirect benefits as well the direct illness prevention, including improved school attendance and less time wasted purifying water. These factors, in turn, impact the long-term health, education and economics of the community.

$1,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 50%-Hooking water up to toilets

  • 30%-Installing new toilets in main

  • 20%-Install sinks

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Our milestones
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