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Give clean water and basic medical supplies



Our goal
We want to bring clean water, help grow healthy food and teach sustainability in the Favela slums.
The Challenge

The right to clean water and a healthy life

In the Favela (slums) in Brazil, young boys are recruited by drug mafias to work as heavily armed soldiers, protecting their illegal drug trade. More than 80% of child soldiers do not live past their 21st birthday. Thousands of girls are enslaved into the sex trade and often prostituted by high-ranking soldiers. Many end up pregnant in their early teens as a result. P2F is working to break this vicious circle and help bring clean water, sustainability and education to these high-crime slums.

Our Solution

Sustainability is key

Transformation can only happen based on values and principles that are just. It means that the community has to understand it's rights and it's duties based on education, health, gender equality, protection and human rights. Once the favela residents understand their rights and duties toward their own communities, growth and transformation and sustainability will happen.

Your Impact

By donating just $5 you can help bring lasting change to a child in the favela slums

Your donation can help us bring in clean soil into these contaminated slums in the landfill where families and children live, so that they can learn how to grow food. By donating just $25, you can help us bring in water filters and first aid kits into the favela slums where there are no public hospitals or schools. By donating $50 you can help us bring art-therapy, books and learning tools to a child. Anything you give will go a long way.

$10,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 25%-Food, transport, equipment

  • 25%-Bringing dance and skateboards

  • 25%-Art supplies

  • 12%-Water filters

  • 13%-Planting project

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Our milestones
  • Rohini

  • Passport 2

  • Sierra

  • Jillian

  • CI&T

  • Michael

  • Vanessa

  • Tone


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