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Give families clean water in Kamwenge, Uganda.



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Our goal
We want to provide household water connections to families in need in Kamwenge, Uganda.
The Challenge

Over eight million Ugandans go without access to clean and safe water.

Every day, over 800 children die from preventable diseases caused by poor water, and a lack of sanitation and hygiene. In Kamwenge, Uganda, clean water is a blessing. Kamwenge is a remote and rural district in Western Uganda, near the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Most of the residents work as rural farmers. Until last year, the only source of water in the community of Busingye was a dirty swamp and a stream, an hour walk away.

Our Solution

This World Water Day, you can help pipe water directly into a family’s home.

Last year, we helped build two water systems in the Kamwenge and Kyegewa districts. In addition, we provided moms and dads with the tools and training to become water caretakers - to ensure the water systems stay working for years to come. Now, we want to continue to serve these deserving families by helping to pipe the water directly into their homes.

Your Impact

Thanks to Caring Crowd’s matching support, every $200 can pipe water into one family’s home.

Just imagine, last year these families were walking over a mile to collect water from a swamp and a stream. Soon, they could have clean and safe water piped directly into their homes!

Pledge spending
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    Other (Capacity Build/Travel)

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    Water & Sanitation Hardware

  • 25% -

    Country Operations

  • 10% -

    Research, Training & Education

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