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Our goal
Fund the remaining needed for the Community Based Rehabilitation pilot program in Guatemala
The Challenge

A prosthesis alone is not enough

ROMP's CBR is a program to fully mobilize people with amputation in their communities. Mobility is multidimensional. People with amputation have health, education work, social, empowerment needs beyond prosthetic care. The Guatemalan rehabilitation system provides an extremely unidimensional centralized service. People with amputation are being left immobile despite having received prosthetic care. 

Our Solution

CBR is an approach that addresses the full range of needs for people with amputation

ROMP has adopted a model of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) for its patients with amputation in Guatemala and will pilot and evaluate the program from June-December. This model includes community rehabilitation workers making regular visits to the homes of patients to assess and address their health, work, and social needs. 

Your Impact

Triumph - Mobilizing the Marginalized

The 2018 pilot program will be measured, both to improve the ROMP CBR model and to share it with the global prosthetics community. In 2019, ROMP will train and equip existing networks of community health workers to provide CBR to ROMP patients in Guatemala. In 2020 and onwards, ROMP will advise networks throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Pledge spending
  • 50% -

    Pilot CBR launch

  • 40% -

    Execution of CBR model

  • 10% -

    Training of CBR Health workers

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Our milestones
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