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Give health education to children of prostitutes in Delhi



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Our goal
We aim to give children of female sex workers health education and support.
The Challenge

Poor hygiene and access to health care can lead to poor health outcomes.

In the outskirts of New Delhi, a community has practiced child marriage and forced prostitution for centuries. These communities are plagued by poverty, low education, and poor health outcomes. In the urban villages of Delhi, women are married at the age of 14-16 and forced into prostitution after their first child is born. Child Marriage is a human rights violation according to The United Nations. 74% of SNF program participants are victims of child marriage.

Our Solution

Health education and skills training enable children of sex workers healthy lives.

Teaching children about sanitary practices such as hand washing, hygienic cooking, using toilets instead of open defecation and vector control can lead to healthy lives, prevent stunting and improve long term outcomes.

Your Impact

By donating $15 you provide an assistant teacher's weekly salary

SNF’s programs aim to uplift women and girls at risk for or engaged in forced prostitution and their children through education, healthcare, and social support. Economic empowerment and education will help us meet the UN sustainable development goal to the end of all child and forced marriage. Providing women and girls with options in how they work and whether they receive medical care fosters their self-esteem and ability to choose their future.

$500 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 60%-Hire teacher for two centers

  • 20%-Education supplies

  • 20%-Social worker trainings

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