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Our goal
Christie's Place empowers women, children and families living with HIV to take charge of their health and wellness.
The Challenge

Due to the continued stigma of HIV/AIDS, many of the women and families we serve feel alone in their diagnosis as family and friends have separated from or abandoned them. For this and many other reasons, Christie’s Place is more than just a support center. It is a real home, where families come together to learn about HIV/AIDS not only from our dedicated staff but also from one another. It is within this home that we encourage families to help themselves and each other.






My name is Martha Robles. I’m a Latina woman living with HIV and I am from Mexico. My life, like the lives of so many women living with HIV—has been characterized by many challenges and struggles. I love working with our Christie’s Place team because we care so much for women and our community. On December 10th of this year, I will be clean for eleven years. I’m living well with my HIV and I am undetectable. But most importantly, I am a happy single mother who is proud of herself.


People say “home is where the heart is.” Nothing could be truer at Christie’s Place. Christie Milton-Torres dreamed that one day there would be a haven for women and families living with HIV/AIDS. This type of sanctuary did not exist during the nine years she lived with the virus. Christie passed away due to AIDS complications on June 15, 1994, two years before her vision could be realized. In April of 1996 Christie’s Place was founded in San Diego, CA thanks to this brave HIV-positive woman’s vision and her mother’s determination. Christie’s legacy lives on at our support center- it’s at the heart of who we are and what we do.

Photo: Christie Milton-Torres. Christie became a spokesperson and advocated for the needs of families living with HIV/AIDS.


My name is Jay Blount and I am Black woman living with HIV. I grew up in a violent home. From the beginning of my diagnosis, I knew I needed to educate people about HIV. As a Peer Navigator I am able to work with women just like me. Women living with HIV. Women with the same issues I had walked through. I was going to help all that I could, which meant everyone. Today I am doing the same job, six years later.  I have been rewarded with the many women I have met along the way.


For 20 years, we have provided comprehensive family-centered support services for women, children and families impacted by HIV/AIDS that address their unique needs and link them to the care and support they need to not only survive but to improve the quality of their lives.

Each and every dollar you donate is extremely important in providing a place of refuge, relief and hope for women and families living in fear, isolation and poverty.

By giving today, you are supporting a woman and her family each time they visit, giving her the support and access to services she needs to get healthcare, relieve her countless burdens, and give her hope for a better life for herself and her family.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 to help maintain our home-based support center. Funds will be used to stock our basic needs assistance pantry which provides women and their families with hygiene products, diapers and baby formula; provide emergency food assistance to families in need; and make needed updates to our community kitchen facility where families gather, prepare warm meals, and most importantly, support one another.


Photo: A Case Manager works with her client to ensure she is connected to medical services.


Cheryl’s difficult journey with HIV has been complicated by inadequate and confusing systems of care. Without Christie’s Place, Cheryl would not have been able to navigate through the myriad of obstacles placed in her way. Cheryl now has stable housing, improved medical care with her medical home, and is now receiving PTSD treatment with Christie’s Place’s Mental Health Counselor. This marks a milestone in Cheryl’s recovery as she had declined treatment for her PTSD symptoms for years. Cheryl’s case reflects the ability to foster the integrity, respect and dignity of clients throughout the many hardships that they confront.

Photo: A plaque dedicates Christie's Place in honor of Christie Milton-Torres.

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