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Give Mental Health Services for 1000+ Mothers in Comé Benin



Our goal
We aim to provide support for over 1000 women suffering from postpartum mood disorder in Comé Benin
The Challenge

Comé in Benin lacks access to basic psychiatric services

Africa is a large continent, prone to strife, especially south of the Sahara. Most of its countries are characterized by low incomes, high prevalence of communicable diseases and malnutrition, low life expectancy and poorly staffed services. Mental health issues often come last on the list of priorities for policy makers. Indeed, most African countries have no mental health policies, programs or action plans. Rural areas in these countries seem to be even further neglected.

Our Solution

Help fund various mental healthcare services to educate and support patients and staff

We can use this local resource to provide training for the staff who don't know anything about mental illness and how to treat it, as well as provide transportation and fund medication for the women who are severely in need and impoverished.

Your Impact

Help provide these women with the support they need and so well deserve

Training the community by the members of Jacquot Mental Health facility from Cotonou, we hope to empower the community members to quickly diagnose impoverished women suffering from postpartum mood disorder and other disorder. By proving the fund, they can quickly get them them to the main facility 9hrs away and not worry about medical bills, or any fees associated with the patient getting the care she deserve. Doing so will result in families staying together, and mother can care for children

$20,748 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 43%-Medications needed

  • 29%-Transport Mothers

  • 24%- Training for community staff

  • 4%-Stripe fee

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Our milestones
  • Paul

  • Venkata

  • Ken

  • Leonce

  • Renee

  • Adriana

  • Scott

  • Philip


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