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Our goal
This project will help women and girls access quality health care at 10 facilities and train 200 health workers
The Challenge

Respectful and safe reproductive and maternal health care should be a woman’s right. But in Liberia this is not the case. The country currently has the eighth highest maternal mortality rate in the world - only 56 percent of women deliver at health facilities due to limited access, poor quality of care and distrust of the system.

Risk factors that lead to maternal and neonatal deaths are often unaddressed. These include gender based violence and female genital mutilation. Americares seeks to improve maternal outcomes in Liberia and to demonstrate a sustainable and scalable model.

Americares program employs a holistic approach of partnering with county health authorities, upgrading health facilities, improving family planning and equipping midwives and obstetric nurses with the knowledge they need to do their job – including teaching them about compassionate care. We then increase access to these services through community-level education and engagement.

By improving the quality of facility-based health services and strengthening links to communities, more Liberian women can plan their families, survive childbirth and begin motherhood with dignity and promise.

Thank you!

Already, this project is having an impact on maternal and child health in Grand Bassa County, Liberia, and with your support, more women and children can get the quality health care they need. With the help of donations raised through CaringCrowd last year, Americares built and equipped a new maternity wing at Liberia Government Hospital in Grand Bassa, supporting the safe delivery of more than 900 babies and reducing overcrowding.

Americares also has trained 200 traditional midwives to recognize complications during pregnancy and encourage women in their communities to get prenatal care. As a result, the hospital managed more than 3,000 visits for prenatal care last year. Americares is also managing similar programs at two remote clinics with positive results.

With this CaringCrowd® project your participation will help support our efforts in Liberia as the project continues to be implemented. We will be happy to share project updates as the work progresses!

Any new funding we receive through CaringCrowd donations will be restricted to this project, and could allow for purchasing of additional supplies for the hospitals (such as medical equipment, more beds for pregnant and recovering mothers, as well as increased budgeting for additional staff at each center). These new spending decisions will be based on communication with our staff in Liberia, as they will know the most pressing needs that have arisen since the project was initially created and planned.

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