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Our goal
To provide PPE kits, N95 masks and sanitizers to health care staff due to COVID-19
The Challenge

Many hospitals in India lack PPE kits, masks & sanitizers for protecting hospital staff

As the COVID-19 pandemic makes its way across the globe, and even well-resourced health systems struggle with the availability of critical supplies needed to treat patients, the hospitals have emerged with requests to solve the shortage of physical supplies. There is a serious need for PPE equipment like PPE kits, gloves, face masks, sanitizers which could be useful for front line health workers during this pandemic.

Our Solution

Supporting hospital staff with PPE kits, masks & sanitizers

Government hospitals in India support the maximum number of patients affected by COVID-19 in any state. Understandably, most of these patients are admitted due to very severe illness. On an average, an ICU in 1 hospital treats 400- 500 patients per month. However, these hospitals do not have sufficient PPE kits for their hospital staff to fight against COVID-19. Providing the needed equipment will ensure that hospital staff are protected and will be able to provide better care to patients

Your Impact

By donating just $10 you can provide 1 PPE kit that can protect the hospital staff from COVID-19

Your donation will help us provide hospitals with PPE [Personal Protective Equipment] that will enable the health care staff to carry out safe and effective treatment to COVID-19 patients that will save precious human lives and protect our mankind from this disaster. Ekam has been involved in reinforcing existing public hospitals and bridging the gaps since 2009, to build healthy communities.

$2,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 90%-Procurement of PPE, N95 masks

  • 10%-Transportation cost

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Our milestones
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