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Our goal
Surg+Restore will buy and deliver a 2nd anesthesia machine to serve the 7.5M people of Sierra Leone.
The Challenge

Only one anesthesia machine for a country of 7.5 million people!

Surg+Restore bought (for approximately $49,300) and delivered Sierra Leone's only anesthesia machine in 2014. This is an electric machine made by Braun. Sierra Leone has a population of over 7.5 million, and had no anesthesia machines prior to the first one Surg+Restore provided. We will use the $4000 requested in this campaign to buy a second anesthesia machine for backup that is portable and non-electric . This is important because the electricity supply in Sierra Leone is unreliable.

Our Solution

Buy and deliver a 2nd anesthesia machine that is non-electric and portable

Surg+Restore, in partnership with ReSurge Africa, provides reconstructive plastic surgery and burn care to disadvantage pediatric and adult patients in Sierra Leone. We have performed nearly 1100 procedures on annual visits since 2006, except for two years during the Ebola outbreak. While providing direct care is important, we realize the ultimate goal is to have the program become self-sustaining.

Surg+Restore is funding anesthesiology residency training programs for two physicians. ReSurge Africa is funding residency training for two plastic surgeons. Sierra Leone has NO residency speciality training programs, so these four physicians will train in Ghana.

We plan for the program to be self-sustaining within 10 years. The project consists of several steps: 1) providing direct surgical services until sponsored physicians are trained and independent, 2) funding the training of anesthesiologists and plastic surgeons, 3) training nurses, physical therapists and other healthcare providers, 4) building new or renovating existing hospital facilities, 5) equipping Holy Spirit Hospital with necessary equipment and supplies.

Your Impact

Your donation will assure safe, effective anesthesia during surgery.

Your support will assure that reconstructive plastic surgery, post-burn and other patients at Holy Spirit Hospital in Makeni, Sierra Leone will receive effective and safe anesthesia despite interruptions in power. The backup machine may be used by visiting medical teams (approximately 12 each year for two-week periods) until the two physicians we are sponsoring return from their anesthesiology residencies and can use the machine independently.

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