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Give women in Ghana a chance to survive breast cancer



Our goal
Fund oncology department at Korle Bu hospital in Accra to expand services to those who can't afford
The Challenge

A diagnosis of breast cancer can be a death sentence for women in rural Ghana

Based on Ghana Medical Journal, breast cancer affects mostly young pre-menopausal women, who show up almost too late for treatment. There is a disproportionate mortality in the African women in sub Sahara Africa versus Caucasian women. Women in Africa often trapped by stigma, poverty and misinformation often do not seek help for breast cancer. Cancer is often overshadowed by more acute illnesses like AIDS and malaria.

How can women with limited funds, and access to little or no healthcare fight breast cancer? Women are the foundation of most of these households, when your income is $75 per month, yet treating breast cancer can cost an average of $7,500 or more.we all know the cards are stacked against them.

Our Solution

Funds donated will help women with breast cancer pay for their treatment

Pink for Africa has fundraisers throughout the year to raise funds to get to women battling breast cancer. Our president then works closely with the oncology department at Korle Bu hospital in Ghana to identify women who needs help completing their treatments. The Funds are then donated to the pharmacy department at Korle Bu with the names of the women to be treated. Once the names are verified the treatment process begins. It's heartbreaking not to be help all the women who applies,

Your Impact

Every dollar donated goes to helping women in Africa with their treatment

Funds raised will go directly to the Oncology department at Korle Bu hospital to assist women like Efua with their Chemo and Radiation. Pink for Africa raises funds throughout the year with several fundraisers and our annual walk. Our team meets with the team in Ghana and reviews the numerous application for assistance. It's heartbreaking not being able to help all the women with their treatment. Your donation will help us get all applicants to complete their treatment.

$7,680 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 65%-Chemo Treatment

  • 26%-Transportation

  • 9%-Food

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  • Darlene

  • Cheryl

  • Samuel

  • Mary

  • Leena

  • KEN

  • Nelly

  • Philip


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