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Our goal
The goal of this project is to reduce suffering caused by eating disorders.
The Challenge

The majority of eating disorder (ED) sufferers are unable to access treatment due to high costs.

EDs are serious psychiatric conditions characterized by elevated medical and psychiatric comorbidity, high relapse rates, and the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric illness. One in ten Americans suffer from an eating disorder (Wade, Keski-Rahkonen & Hudson, 2011), yet 90% of sufferers do not receive treatment (Hart, Granillo, Jorm & Paxton, 2011). Unfortunately, 10% of sufferers will die while another 30% will struggle with their disorders throughout their lives. (Crow & & Swanson, 2014).

Our Solution

Our goal is to provide treatment assistance to as many applicants as possible.

Project HEAL’s financial assistance program is their trademark service. They fund both inpatient, residential, intensive outpatient/partial hospitalization, as well as outpatient treatment for individuals who wish to recover from eating disorders but find their financial means lacking. Project HEAL’s primary criteria for selecting grant recipients is motivation. They fund applicants who want to recover from their eating disorders, and are ready to do the hard work required.

Each potential treatment grant recipient must submit a detailed application that asks about motivation for recovery, current medical status and symptoms, medical and financial information including any treatment history, plans for after treatment, and preferences for treatment. All of this information is reviewed on a quarterly basis by Project HEAL’s Clinical Advisory Board (“CAB”), which includes a team of ten international expert clinicians in the eating disorder field.

Finalists are interviewed by the CAB, and awards are made based on current funds and the level of treatment requested by the applicant. Their CAB members and program manager follow up with grant recipients quarterly during their treatment, and subsequently, every six months for two years after treatment. Finally, Project Heal's Co-Founders speak with grant recipients before, during, and after treatment, providing valuable and meaningful human interaction and personal support.

Your Impact

By donating to Project HEAL, you can help fund the treatment for those with eating disorders.

Since 2008, Project Heal has sent 72 grant recipients to life-saving treatment, including inpatient, residential, and outpatient treatment centers. Recipient testimonials may be read on the organization’s website: www.theprojectheal.org. Their hope is to continue advancing this narrative of belief, determination and triumph by growing their network and bringing anyone and everyone who desires assistance into Project HEAL’s fold.

Pledge spending
  • 50% -

    1 year of full outpatient

  • 30% -

    1 month of residential

  • 15% -

    1 week of intensive aftercare

  • 2% -

    1 ½ hour family therapy appt.

  • 2% -

    1 hour nutritionist appt.

  • 1% -

    1 hour therapy appt.

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