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Help Babies in the Bahamas affected by Hurricane Dorian



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Our goal
Provide immediate and long term relief to families impacted by Hurricane Dorian
The Challenge

Hurricane Dorian Devastated the Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian has devastated the Bahamas. This fund will provide diapers at no cost to struggling families, who are recovering and rebuilding. When we think about disaster recovery, we tend to think about hunger, homelessness, and clean water.

Diapers are an overlooked and crucial basic need. This is a problem for families in poverty, now being amplified by Hurricane Dorian. With your support, we can distribute hope and dignity to people in their time of need.

This project will provide diapers at no cost to Bahamian survivors of Hurricane Dorian through a collaborative effort between Jake's Diapers and A.M.A.R., a disaster relief organization working within the Alliance of nonprofit organizations sending medical relief to the Bahamas.

Our Solution

Provision of diapers will enable babies to stay clean, dry, and healthy

Jake's Diapers solves diaper need for infants, elderly and those with special needs. This is essential for clean, healthy and prosperous lives and creates a sense of dignity for those we serve. When we alleviate the ongoing financial burden of diaper costs, we empower recipients to pursue a higher quality of life as they focus on recovering and rebuilding.

Your Impact

By donating as little as $10, you will help families survive and thrive.

As these children and families have their basic hygiene needs solved, they are able to focus on other basic needs as part of long term recovery and rebuilding. All these steps combined help set these children and their families up for long term success.

$25,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 98%-Cloth diapers & transportation

  • 2%-Stripe fees

$475,000 Campaign Booster Funding

This displays the maximum incremental additional funding the campaign could receive (Maximum Funding Amount (MFA) less Minimum Funding Goal)). For example, if the MFA is $100,000 and the MFG $10,000, it would show the difference of $90,000 here.

  • 98%-Cloth diapers & transportation

  • 2%-Stripe fees

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Our milestones
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