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Help Children in Tanzania Living with Congenital Challenges



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Our goal
Increase quality of life for 12 Tanzanian Children living with colo-rectal malformations
The Challenge

Underprivileged children in Tanzania need life-saving surgery and access to basic needs to survive

When a child is born with colo-rectal malformation, access to corrective surgeries can be life-saving. Our Partner Agency, ReSurge East Africa, works to provide free, safe, compassionate medical care and corrective surgeries to children in poverty living with Hirschsprung's disease. These families struggle to afford food, much less diapers or medical care. While corrective surgeries are life-saving, sometimes these children will become fecally incontinent for life.

Our Solution

Cloth diapers will improve quality of life for child and caregiver

Just 12 cloth diapers can diaper a baby from infancy through potty-training, meaning these babies can finally have diapers, instead of going without or having makeshift diapers. This will help families leverage the funds they have available to better care for their children and themselves, as well as increased quality of life through cleaner environments and more availability of basic living needs.

Your Impact

By donating as little as $10, you will help children have a better quality of life

As families continues to have their diaper needs solved, they are able to save funds and plan for future improvements in their child's care. This can mean attending educational programs, better healthcare, improved quality of food (more protein!) - all steps that set these babies up for long term survival and productive members of society.

Pledge spending
  • 95% -

    Cloth Diaper Kits

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    Transportation of Diapers

  • 2% -

    Stripe Processing Fees

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