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Help COVID-19 Prevention Efforts in Rural Kenya and Senegal



Our goal
We want to ensure that community members have access to reliable COVID-19 prevention tips.
The Challenge

COVID-19 would be catastrophic if spread to our remote, rural communities.

According to UNESCO, 1.37 BILLION students around the world are out of school due to COVID-19. Girls in our scholarship program are returning home to villages that are not well equipped or educated on how to deal with a possible viral outbreak.

In rural Kenya and Senegal, residents do not own cleaning supplies like soap and hand sanitizer, and many lack access to reliable news sources to stay up-to-date on preventative measures.

Our Solution

Supply distribution and proactive community education will save lives.

Women's Global Education Project (WGEP) is working with local program partners and staff in Kenya and Senegal to distribute soap and cleaning supplies to families in need.

WGEP developed informational materials and instructional videos to educate scholars and community members on proper handwashing, social distancing, and at-risk groups. WGEP is also appearing on local radio broadcasts to further educate community members on how to stay safe during the crisis.

Your Impact

A donation of any size will help us reach more community members in need.

Your donation will help hundreds of families receive cleaning supplies, and ensure that thousands of rural community members get accurate and up-to-date information on how to avoid transmitting COVID-19.

$1,000 Minimum Funding Goal
  • 50%-Soap & Cleaning Supplies

  • 25%-Community Education Materials

  • 21%-Fees for Radio Broadcasts

  • 4%-Stripe Processing Fees

$9,000 Campaign Booster Funding

This displays the maximum incremental additional funding the campaign could receive (Maximum Funding Amount (MFA) less Minimum Funding Goal)). For example, if the MFA is $100,000 and the MFG $10,000, it would show the difference of $90,000 here.

  • 83%-Additional Cleaning Supplies

  • 13%-Education Materials

  • 4%-Stripe Processing Fees

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