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Our goal
We want to build a dormitory compound to house deaf and hearing impaired children in Kenya.
The Challenge

Creating leaders through Education in Kenya

Imagine this, you're deaf living in a rural village in central Kenya. You know very little sign language and your family doesn't know any. Your daily life is silent, uncommunicative, but your passionate about reading, art and learning. There's school for the hearing impaired,but it's far away and getting there is difficult. It represents your glimmer of hope. At home you're poor and have no bathroom, clean water or electricity. How do you get to the school? 

In Kenya there are an estimated 600,000 deaf students of which 30% do not attend school for these reasons. Kenya has it's own dialect of sign language, but the problem they face is getting the students to the school to learn it. Great strides have been made to increase the awareness in rural areas for special needs schools. Between 1950 and 1980, 23 schools for the deaf were built all around Kenya. Educating every deaf student is pertinent to maintain equality in for those with special needs.

The challenge is to give deaf students an opportunity to live clean, supportive and enriched lives. Education is important, more importantly having a clean home with bathrooms, clean water and the ability to learn. They deserve to have mentally and physically healthy lives at a safe place to live near the school for the deaf. They will be taken care by staff and have someone to talk to on a daily basis to learn, create and inspire others to be leaders. 

Our Solution

Dorms for the deaf

Build a dormitory near a school for the deaf in central Kenya. The dorm will house 26 boys and 26 girls with a staff to cook, clean and maintain. It will be 4 single story buildings, one for the boys, one for the girls, a food hall and a small place for the staff. There will be electricity and clean water. Agriculture is the main source of income in central Kenya making it very sustainable through farming collaboration. Funding the building of the compound will be the biggest challenge. 

Your Impact

By donating what you can, you'll become part of a project that builds a future for deaf children

Your donation will help deaf students live a cleaner, safer and enjoyable life by allowing them to pursue their dreams of education and making a social impact. They will have the ability to become community leaders, world developers and pass on their experience to those who follow behind them. A chance at hope, success and a happy life. If you help this campaign succeed, we will keep you updated on it's progress and impact for the children and their families.

Pledge spending
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    To purchase a compound

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    Hiring workers to build

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